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Welcome to my etsy shop products at a glance. More detail is available at my etsy shop JubilantCreationsCo

Pillow Covers

My pillow covers are 16×16 and made of cotton. They are carefully sewn with love. As I went through each miscarriage, my heart was so heavy at times and my ability to see daily joy was difficult. I created this line to bring a bit of visual hope. A visual reason to keep going. Even though that little one no longer was growing inside me, it was important for me to get to a point where I realized that I still needed to expend energy growing myself. That I needed to develop more love in my heart for those around me who are also journeying through life and the challenges it brings. So if you are struggling or you know a loved one who is, please consider purchasing this as a gift to inspire hope. And if you just think these are beautiful, because they are, please purchase for that reason too!

I also have a super cute and soft cotton flannel Love Is pillow out right now!

You Matter To Me

This digital file is a great way to make vinyl stickers, send a text with a message that You Matter To Me, create cards, etc. Four unique designs included.

Digital Sticky Notes

These are absolutely so fun! I print mine at VistaPrint. They don’t have minimum orders, so this works for small custom sticky notes such as these. I have two bundles available right now.
Here are examples of what they look like printed

Greeting Cards

My latest product is a digital download bundle of six greeting cards. These are so Happy! They simplify your life! When you get that thought that someone needs a little note, you just print one off! They come with adorable matching envelopes too.

Digital Printables

Check out this beautiful printable inspired by the book Pollyanna. It is a great reminder to save time to live.

Scatter Sunshine Digital Bundle×2-4×4?ref=listing_published_alert&fbclid=IwAR2_v08T3lGokI9AtteHYftNG6UTRDyGGnR4_kfIb8vgHDjrZzgDuSe57vg

Thank you for joining me on my quest to bring more JOY and HOPE.

Today there is a reason to hope.


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