Infertility Awareness Pillowcovers

I have decided to forgo my Etsy shop…I have enough things because I have started a new adventure… – a Podcast! Coming soon in 2021.

But if you have someone you love who is needing a bit of love after experiencing miscarriage, please reach out to me. I have so many of these infertility awareness pillow covers, I would love them to still bring someone hope and a reminder that they are not alone.

Pillow Covers

My pillow covers are 16×16 and made of cotton fabric. They are carefully sewn with love. As I went through each miscarriage, my heart was so heavy at times and my ability to see daily joy was difficult. I created these to bring a bit of visual hope. A visual reason to keep going. Even though that little one no longer was growing inside me, it was important for me to get to a point where I realized that I still needed to expend energy growing myself. That I needed to develop more love in my heart for those around me who are also journeying through life and the challenges it brings. So if you are struggling or you know a loved one who is, please consider purchasing this as a gift to inspire hope.

Each pillowcase is $10 including shipping.

Just fill out this form and I will get an email with your order. Then I will contact you and you can pay through venmo.

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