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Portraits of Faith

As I was studying my scriptures and other gospel helps in the Ensign October issue, I read the article called Sakiusa and Salote Maiwiriwiri. I was touched by their faith and their willingness to share their story. There are many more stories of Portraits of Faith here.

This inspired me to created these simple frames as a way that we can help our family connect stories of our ancestors, stories from general conference, from those all around us, and also from our own lives to use as a tool to increase our faith in Christ. When we discuss or draw out stories of faith that we see or learn about, it sinks deep into our hearts. Then we can draw on that strength in times of trial and heartache. I hope that this will be a fun family activity! You could even make a binder and save these to look at whenever you need a little reminder.

The single color images are an 8.5×11 image, and the one with all four together is an 8.5×11– in case you need to save $$ on ink.:)

You Matter To Me

This links you to the page on my blog where I share about why I created these products…to help with suicide awareness. I also link on this page to FREE wallpaper designs that are available now!

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