A Jubilant Hope Etsy Shop

Sharing things that bring hope, comfort and joy is what this shop is all about!

Each of these prints are sold separately or you can purchase them in this Nativity Collection.

My your Christmas Season be full of the Peace that only our Savior can bring.


Sometimes we receive promptings that don’t make a lot of sense. Our candle is like the Holy Ghost that guides us in the dark. Keep going forward. He will guide you to where Heavenly Father needs you.


After going through 10 miscarriages in my childbearing journey, I wanted to make an image that represented how I felt at times as I had to come to grips with the fact that yet another baby did not make it. I pray that this image will bring you comfort or someone you love.


I love imagining how Jesus treated little children. I am sure that when they hopped up on His lap, they would want to feel his beard. I think that that is an instinct that most children have when they meet someone with facial hair. This print would be great on a child’s night stand.


Children are so great at giving gifts. I made this print to remind myself that simple gifts are often the most precious. This print would be so perfect in a little girl’s room.


How I love these verses in Luke! What hope and comfort the give to my soul. This printable would make the perfect gift to a friend.


If you know my account, you know this is my theme. There is ALWAYS something that we can think of to bring hope to our hearts each and every day.


I love watching my sons honorably give the gift of partaking of the sacrament each week. This is how I imagined a young man who lived after Christ manifested Himself to the people here in America blessing the sacrament. What a gift our Savior gave us by allowing priesthood power to be restored on earth.


I love writing cards! It makes me so happy just to think of how surprised someone will be to receive a card unexpectedly in the mail. These are so easy to print at home. In my listing, I link to my favorite envelopes on Amazon.


Rainbows, of course, mean the world to me! And so I had to create rainbow cards! These are so pretty when you print them out. Pair them with a colorful envelope, and you are sure to make someone’s day brighter!


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