Happy Mother’s Day

I couldn’t let this weekend go by without a little tribute to my mother. I have a great love for my mother. She taught me so much…but probably the most important thing she taught me was to love and serve.

From the time I can remember, I observed my mother serving. Not only in every single thing she did as a mother, but to those around her. I remember her taking ALL of my siblings to go visit elderly sisters in our church back in Marion, Illinois. I loved going on these visits! I’m not sure my mom loved having to take all of us, but I remember watching how my mom cared for, listened to, and brought hope to those women. My mom has the heart of an angel.

Now that I am a mother, I am amazed at how easily I see what I should have seen years ago. A mother sacrifices daily, a mother teaches daily, a mother serves daily, and mother leads daily, a mother nurtures daily, a mother herself grows daily.

I will be forever grateful for my mother. I am so grateful for all the emotional, physical, and spiritual support she has given me from my birth.

Mom, I hope you know that every day I am grateful to Heavenly Father for you. And to my mother in law, I am grateful for you every single day too. I won the lottery with mother-in-laws! She is an angel on earth. She also exhibits all the traits I have shared about my mother. And she loved me from the first time I met her when I was dating Mark. I am forever grateful for being totally accepted and loved by Mark’s family.

Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who mothers. You don’t need to have children to mother. I have come to learn that to be a Mother, is simply to love- to care for and nurture another soul. To partner with God in loving His children. That is to Mother.

May tomorrow be a day of joy. A day to remember that to love someone is indeed a great gift. Tomorrow I hope it will be a day all about sharing love and making memories.

Today there is a reason to hope.

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Published by Emma Drennan

I am a mom of six kids! Through my time awaiting those rainbow babies, I was blessed with A Jubilant Hope! This blog is all about HOPE. Here you will find hope in and a testimony of Jesus Christ. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, my faith is what sustains me. Here you will find me sharing digital printables, recipes, and quotes that bring me joy. Today, and every day, there is a reason to hope. Follow me as I share my journey @ajubilanthope and my new adventure @asliceofhumblepiepodcast.

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