He will carry us

Have you ever tried to carry a child while hiking up or down a mountain?

I have. And in this picture, I look like I’m doing fine right? But actually, I had just fallen down…note the dirt all over. Because I was carrying this sleeping child, I wasn’t able to see the ground and stepped in some loose dirt and fell…hard…but I kept her safe…she didn’t even wake up!

In this picture, I am smiling, but what I felt like doing was crying. The pain was pretty intense in my knee…and 8 months later…I still have a bump from that fall. It was hard to carry my child. I wanted to be strong and carry her all the way back down the mountain without any help. But I needed help.

When we need help, Christ will carry us. And He doesn’t get tired. He doesn’t slip and fall and drop us. He is steady. He is safe. He brings peace to our souls.

I know that many times in my life I have been strong enough to walk next to the Savior on this journey of life…but I know that many, many times, He has carried me. And He kept carrying me until I could stand on my own again.

I hope today that if you are feeling worn down, lost, worried, or overwhelmed…that you will let the Savior carry you.

Pause and look around to see how He already is.

Today there is a reason to hope.

Published by Emma Drennan

I am a mom of six kids! Through my time awaiting those rainbow babies, I was blessed with A Jubilant Hope! This blog is all about HOPE. Here you will find hope in and a testimony of Jesus Christ. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, my faith is what sustains me. Here you will find me sharing digital printables, recipes, and quotes that bring me joy. Today, and every day, there is a reason to hope. Follow me as I share my journey @ajubilanthope and my new adventure @asliceofhumblepiepodcast.

4 thoughts on “He will carry us

  1. What we do to protect our little ones! I think of how deeply we love them & then imagine that love magnified 100x to understand how much God loves us ❤️


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