Welcome! My name is Emma.

I love to share messages of hope. Hope in Jesus Christ! He has carried me through endless days it seemed of secondary infertility. As I journeyed through those days, I was reminded of the importance of this sentence.

Today there is a reason to hope.

I hope you will follow me on my microblog on Instagram at A Jubilant Hope where I share hope-filled thoughts from my morning study. You can still find all my previous blog posts under the “previous posts” page. On the Last Friday of each month, I will post a highlight post of my IG microblog thoughts/graphics. I really love sharing short posts(5 days a week) on IG, but I know that not everyone is on that platform. For this reason I will be sharing on here a bit of what I share on IG.

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I also share free monthly printables when you sign up in the pop-up form on this website. And I have several printables you can grab on my quotes page and my links tab.

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My goal is to add just a bit more hope and goodness into this world. I am so grateful to journey with you all. Thank you for supporting me and connecting with me.


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About Me

I am a mom to six! I have had ten miscarriages in my motherhood journey-yes that number is correct! I have a background in dietetics. I have a love for baking bread-thank you Mom for teaching me that! I have a passion for writing about hope. Through my sorrow of losing babies, I learned very strongly these helpful things…

#1 Hope in Christ will get you through anything.

#2 We all need to have more compassion for each other.

#3 God is aware of us in every detail in our lives.

#4 Taking time to be creative can help heal your heart

#5 Serving and sharing joy lifts your soul

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At A Jubilant Hope, I pray you’ll be strengthened this day to face whatever storm is before you. And I’m totally here to help you paddle.

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